Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Ghost At C.C. Cohen

This well known Paducah restaurant is at the Cohen Building.  It was built around 1865, and in it's many incarnations has been a clothing store, a dry goods store, and, in 1914,  the R.L Peacher Liquor Dealers and the Rehkopf Distilling Company.

The Cohen Family owned the corner from around 1921 until 1980, when the last member of the Cohen family, Stella Cohen Peine, died upstairs in her apartment.

For years it was open as a beautiful restaurant known as C.C. Cohen's.  It is currently under new ownership, and called Shandies.

Workers, as well as guests report odd occurances that they attribute to Stella.  People report chairs mysteriously moving  themselves, salt and pepper shakers being tipped over, lights flickering, cold spots, strange movements in mirrors and brass, and also glasses falling from parts of the bar.  Many people claim to have photos of the building showing a lady peering out an upstairs window in an area that is used for storage, and not open to the public.  Real?  Or imagination.  You decide!

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